Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Back

Almost 7:30am and it's still dark out. I never used to look forward to setting the clocks back but now that I'm a morning person, I'd rather get the light at the start of the day. I remember one year one of my New Years resolutions was to enjoy more sunrises. It took several years, but I finally made one I was able to keep.

I usually try to keep my resolutions as vague and unquantifiable as possible so as to avoid the incident several years ago when I vowed to go the entire year without drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was meant to be ironic, since I'd never had a PBR and I wanted for just one year to make a resolution I knew I could keep. I made it to July.

As dawn creeps in, I think back 24 hours. I was groping in the dark under the bed for my shoes trying to get ready for work without waking up my JB. He'd just returned from working a flight from Paris, and seemed wiped out. I was dragging a little myself after a three-day weekend of Gay Pride celebrations.

Damn. Was I making too much noise?
"Good morning," I whispered.
"I have to tell you something."
I don't like the sound of that.
"Yes, my love?"

Hard to believe that was only twenty-four hours ago. I think everything will be okay. It just might take a while.

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