Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Julie's Dad!

On Fridays Julie and I communicate in Haiku, with random Facebook friends joining in.

It's my dad's birthday.
Keep getting busy signal
Too late to send card.

to whom do you speak?
ever hear of call-waiting?
happy birthday dad

Most dads have new phones
My dad has a rotary
or tin cups and string.

a rotary phone?
how nineteen seventy-two.
have you tried pidgin?

then can i assume
sending him a birthday txt
is not an option?

What I really think
the busy signal means that
his bitches callin.

Don't give up on it
Those b*tches will hang up soon
It's almost happy hour

almost happy hour?
you remind me of my thirst!
momentum is lost

don't worry julie
there is always tomorrow
wait... how old is he?


  1. I want you to know that I called and read my dad the entire thread, and like me, he laughed until he wheezed at your last haiku. He says he is going to jump on FB to respond. But, as you can imagine, this will take awhile.

  2. Oh, and my google account is wickster 44 but thats me, Julie!

  3. Why am I slightly disillusioned to learn your dad is on Facebook?

  4. Oh, I wouldn't say he was ON Facebook. We set him up with an account, but he doesn't really go on. I think I was the last to log in as him, and that was really just to unfriend Victor. -:)