Tuesday, October 19, 2010

L5P Halloween Parade

I hope I don't offend anyone by saying so, but Halloween is just better in the South. I grew up in Upper Michigan, and I remember trying to trick-or-treat in the snow. And that's if I was lucky and it wasn't just ice-cold rain. Most costumes don't hold up very well in rain. Which is why most of the time mine consisted of some variation of a Hefty bag theme, with bread bags between my socks and boots. Sadly the bread bags weren't part of my costume... they were standard wet weather survival gear in my house. Happily, my house had plenty of bread.

Rain turns cardboard into a pulpy mess. That's why I'm so glad the weather Saturday in Atlanta was perfect for the Little Five Points Halloween Parade. And one particular entry in this year's parade stole the show. They were awesome and obviously know how to turn cardboard into fun. Behold The Box Hero Corps. with what has to be one of my favorite photographs I've seen this year.

This is NOT a comic strip. This is real! Click here to see the full image. I think you'll love it too.
They've got this and a lot more wonderful pics posted from the parade and from this Summer's DragonCon on their blog. Thank you Boxed Avengers!

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