Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ooo, and there's my hairbrush!

A family in Buffalo just realized they've had a priceless Michelangelo painting stashed behind their couch for years.

An unfinished painting of Jesus and Mary that sat behind a family's sofa near Buffalo for almost 30 years might be a lost Michelangelo worth a fortune...

Sent to America in 1883 by a family member, the painting had hung in the Kobers' living room for years until being knocked down by a tennis ball sometime in the mid-1970s. It then went into storage — wrapped up and stuck behind the sofa.

Damn, I hate to think of all the Caravaggios my brothers and I sent to the curb with our indoor ultimate frisbee, wrestling matches and spaghetti ball fights.

A lost masterpiece worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Behind the sofa....

Gets up. Pulls out couch...

Cat sick.

Sighs. Pushes couch back.

This story does make me further appreciate the coffee mug Jules gave me for my birthday...


  1. Okay... Stevie B is to blame for me coming here...but I look forward coming back... I like your sense of humor... welcome to the blog world!! Pull up a seat and stay awhile...

  2. Thanks for the welcome Kelly!

  3. I just noticed the eBay-esque self portrait in the coffee maker. Good thing I was mostly dressed! LOL!