Monday, October 25, 2010

Pac's family weekend

One of the perks of being a flight attendant, or in my case being married to one, is the travel passes. But the dark side of these "buddy passes" is that, depending on the circumstances, the buddy you cursed with the joys of dirt-cheap standby travel may never speak to you again.

By now, most of JB's family and friends will gladly pay full fare (or fake bereavement) than roll the dice on these dubious pseudo-tickets. The remainder would never be trusted on an airplane with even the remotest possibility of access to free liquor while flying under JB's name.

So it wasn't a surprise that the JB found himself with a surplus of buddy passes this year that were about to expire. Rather than let them go to waste, we decided to exploit the untapped naiveté of my family.

That's how my sister arrived in Atlanta on Friday with a cousin in tow. (Our respective grandmothers were sisters.) Now I'd never met this cousin personally before this weekend. I'd moved away from the hinterlands before she was even born. But the way she drank, smoked, cursed and passed indescribably foul gas left no need for DNA testing. We had a blast!

Today they'll be flying back to Milwaukee with stories of watching football in gay bars, allergy attacks, homemade enchiladas and pickled eggs, horny beluga whales, Krispy Kremes from drag queens, balcony exile, and the togetherness created when four people and two cats share a 2 bed, 1 bath condo. It's early Monday morning and our beautiful warm and sunny autumn weather has turned dark, cool and rainy with occasional peals of thunder. JB, Sis and Cuz are still sleeping as I get ready for work. And I realize how much I miss spending time with my family, and how much I'll miss my sister and new-found cousin when they're gone.

Assuming there are seats available out of Atlanta today.

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