Friday, October 29, 2010

Pathetic excuse for a holiday...

Thursday morning nine o'clock meeting, I get a text message:
Not sure what your plans are this weekend, but...
Finally! An invitation to... something. I've been planning my costume for two weeks.
...could you assist me in cleaning out my hard drive? Noticed last night I have multiple photos of the same thing in different folders.
Fuck. Thanks Larry.

What do I have to console me? The rest of the meeting. Then my ten o'clock, then my eleven o'clock. But then lunch.


In the eleven o'clock meeting waiting for offshore to join the conference bridge, we start talking about Halloween. Since the majority of my department is Indian, I'm curious as to their take of the holiday. Of course, everyone has lots of fun plans.


At lunch I was wondering if they still bob for apples at Halloween parties. Because, you know, my costume idea invokes makeup. I remember doing that at Halloween parties when I was a kid. The apples tasted like ear medicine.


After work I see I have a message on Scruff. It's my Mississippi bear bud! Says he's sewing pockets on his partner's pharaoh costume before they head to New Orleans for the weekend. I make a joke about why doesn't he just use his mummy's purse. Haha, yeah, I'm busy too gotta run, have a great time Cleopatra.


Been growing out my hair and beard for my costume. Sadly, this is as scruffy as I can get in ten days. (I'm such a bear wanna-be.) Say goodbye to the hair and "beard", they'll both be gone Monday. It was a silly idea anyway.

New idea if I go to a costume party next year: Sell ads on
 that massive forehead and go as "Facebook".  Or paint myself
yellow and go as Grandpa Simpson. LOL

The JB will be working and Eddie's in New England visiting family. Mike will be in Memphis. Eric's going to NOLA too? And I have zero plans for Halloween weekend... well, except helping Larry with his MacBook. It's probably for the best, I'm not feeling 100% anyway. Damn... I haven't had an earache since I was a kid.


Epilogue: This sounds way more pathetic than necessary. I'm feeling much more optimistic this morning and the earache is gone! Columbus Day, now that's a pathetic excuse for a holiday.
Have a fun and safe Halloween!



  1. I'm still awaiting my grand Halloween ball invite to come to my door. That or you can join me on the couch eating all the full-size Snickers bars meant for the trick-o-treaters.

  2. Full-sized Snickers?? You either A) love the neighborhood children, B) enjoy flaunting you extravagant lifestyle, C) really hate getting "tricked" or D) aren't expecting much of a turnout.

    I actually did get invited to one really cool holiday function, but it was over a thousand miles away... as all the best parties usually are. :-)

  3. Aw . . . . We haven't been invited to any Hallowe'en parties, either, so we're going to see a play then watch horror films on Sunday (especially cheesy horror films).