Thursday, October 28, 2010

Silver Linings

Just like much of the country, we've been experiencing weird, stormy weather. The mornings this week have been strangely warm with a heavy and ominous feeling. At first I attributed this feeling to the mild depression that always seems to come with goodbyes.

What made it worse was that the Monday afternoon lunch and send-off I planned with my sister and cousin had to be cancelled as the worsening weather made it prudent to put them on an earlier flight home. Stuck at the office, I said goodbye over the phone.
How's that for punctuation? Forget the answer...
What's the question, I wonder?
But there have been moments this week where the wet, windy dreariness was punctuated by something beautiful. Memories of love and laughter. Expectations of fun and mischief. Reminders of preparations that need to be made and celebrations to plan. Bonds to strengthen, old and new. Transitions.

What's a storm front anyway, but a transition? A turbulent boundary between natural differentials. Crossing it isn't a choice. Experiencing it is. I understand this a little better this week.
A friend took this photo this week from her office. She's an amazing
photographer with ANY camera, and she took this one with her
iPhone. I'm in one of those office buildings to the far left.

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