Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hipsta Love

I've been playing with my new Hipstamatic iPhone app, probably excessively if you were to ask any of my Facebook friends. What I really enjoy about it is the nostalgic spin they put on even the most mundane of my everyday photos.

I remember digging through the boxes of photos my parents kept, along with my cub scout badges, 2nd Place science fair ribbons and humdrum report cards. (Why did all my elementary teachers seem to think every checkbox required a follow-up essay? Doesn't Needs Improvement speak for itself?)

My favorite photos where from the unimaginably prehistoric days before my birth. Childhood portraits of my parents, snapshots from their courtship, their incredibly detailed documentation of my brother's first year. It was like they predicted with Arthur C. Clark-like prescience the invention of the Ken Burns Effect. Seems their passion for photography waned substantially by the time I came along, only to reestablish itself with a Polaroid vengeance when my little sister was born.

My Hipstamatic app makes me nostalgic for other things too. Like the way my mom used to cook my eggs...

Lens: Lucifer VI
Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain
Flash: Off (Like I have a choice.)

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