Monday, November 22, 2010

Team Building

My department got to leave the office early Friday. My boss organized a "team building" event. Well, he authorized a team building event and delegated the work of organizing it. That's what bosses do. A vote of possible activities was taken, with the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I in IMAX getting only a single vote.

Those who are familiar with Atlanta know the terms "ITP" and "OTP". Defined by the boundary created by I-285 which circles the city, you're either inside the perimeter or outside the perimeter. I'm definitely an ITP guy. My office and my dentist are technically OTP but as they cling to the perimeter I barely know I've left my comfort zone. As long as I'm in earshot of the traffic buzzing around 285, I'm okay.

So Friday afternoon, with my GPS set to it's sexiest accent, I navigated to the far, far OTP bowling alley. I definitely knew I wasn't in Kansas. For the next several hours six Indians, a Russian and I bowled, drank beer and lemonade, ate a variety of deep-fried items and built our team.

It's been years since I bowled with anything heavier than a Wiimote controller. I used to bowl in college and it took a while to get my form back. I'd like to say I let my boss win, but he kicked ass. My consolation prize was learning I had bigger fingers and shoes (by two sizes) than the rest of my coworkers. And thats what team building is all about.

Oh, and I learned beer and bowling alley carpet don't mix.

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  1. That carpet doesn't mix with anything other than strong hallucinogenics.