Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving Day was sunny and unusually warm in Atlanta. Like shorts and a T-shirt warm. One of those late autumn days you want to make the most of because you know the piper will be invoicing any moment. So while the Jumping Bean was busy in the kitchen making the house smell amazing, I puttered around outside. I started by going down to our storage locker to fetch Christmas.

Of course I first had to take out the stuff which was on top, all part of our annual crap rotation ritual. As the earth rolls around the sun, our Rubbermaid storage bins churn in sync. It made me sad we didn't use our tent this year. With at least two plastic bins full of camping supplies, not to mention folding chairs, sleeping bags and an inflatable mattress, we're well outfitted. Even with zero vacation days, there's no excuse for not finding at least one weekend to spend in the north Georgia mountains. Next year, definitely.

One big crate of Forth of July supplies. We're usually all about celebrating the Red, White and Blue since JB's birthday is on the third and and we always enjoy participating in the annual Peachtree 10K on the Fourth. The race ends at the park so our house has always been the unofficial post-race gathering place. But this year the applications came out while JB was in the hospital for take two of his hip replacement, and getting the forms submitted in time just wasn't a priority. To make up for the income lost while on leave, he ended up working over his birthday and the holiday anyway. Next time for sure.

Finally extracted several boxes and crates labeled XMAS in thick black Sharpie and brought them upstairs just as JB took another batch of his chocolate bourbon pecan pies out of the oven. I set about untangling strings of lights and hanging them from our balcony railing. It was warm enough that I worked up a sweat. JB brought me out a cold beer as I plugged in the last string.

During the night a cold front rolled through. This morning is cloudy and cool with the forecast calling for rain all day. And that's perfect. Today is all about the indoors. College football, yummy leftovers, more of that delicious pie, maybe even some hot cocoa. I think we still have some of those little marshmallows left from that god-awful-yet-mandatory sweet potato dish.

If JB wants to go shopping, more power to him. If he wants to put up the tree today, I'll be happy to supervise. If he wants to watch the game with me, I'll make room on the sofa. I might even share my slanket.

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