Monday, December 6, 2010

Do You Smell What I Smell

Its been a crazy week. Night shifts Tuesday through Friday, along with my normal daily responsibilities.

Toward the end of the week I thought I was going nuts each night when I'd sit at my computer desk at home working with our offshore personnel. Could it be my imagination? After a half hour into my online conference call with India, I could swear I smell curry. I need a good night's sleep. Or a vacation. Or intensive cultural sensitivity retraining.

Also this week, air traffic controllers go on strike in Spain. Who does that affect? Lots of people, I'm sure. And all of our weekend plans it turns out, when JB gets stuck over there on his layover.

He's finally back home tonight, after missing two of the most anticipated holiday parties of the season. But the season's still young. There are plenty of holiday memories yet to be made.

He tells me about his Spanish adventures while I try to make being back home compare to an unexpected paid vacation in Barcelona. A glass of red wine, some guitar music, Totino's pizza tapas... I know, I'll light some candles.

"Where are those candles you said you bought at Pier One the other day?"

"In the den, next to the computer. Behind the door."

"Found them!"

Seriously. Who would buy curry scented candles?

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