Monday, December 13, 2010

One Triggabyte

A technician working on a 1970's hard drive.
When I do remember my dreams it usually makes me wonder, "what the hell's going on in there?" I woke up this morning laughing with this quote in my head: "You taste like you brush your teeth with Bisquick." I have no idea what this means.

JB and I went to the mall on Saturday. I know, stupid. We were still a quarter mile from the exit when we got stuck in mall traffic. Another hour before we could find a parking space. "In and out!" JB kept saying. Right.

It was last August when a summer storm knocked out the power. When the power came back on, my old iMac could not be resuscitated. I've been making due since then with my iPad, waiting on my best behavior for Christmas when I was told I could get a new iMac.

I spent the rest of the weekend getting the new baby set up and importing our music and photos from the back-up drive. I remember when I first heard the term "terabyte". (Or "triggabyte" as my friend Larry calls it when he calls me for tech support.) I was working for an ISP that was expanding into national markets and growing rapidly. In a meeting one of the network engineers was describing a new email architecture. When he said our online storage was expanding to a terabyte, the geeks in the room gasped. At the time our entire customer email storage was operating within just a few gigabytes.

That was 1998. Today I find more gigabytes than that under the sofa cushions. And I'm just hoping we don't fill up our new triggabyte iMac drive with our mundane crap before I can absorb our christmas expenses and buy more storage.


  1. I still have my cute Powermac G4 in a closet thinking one day I'll get him fixed after a power surge zapped him. One day.

  2. I saw one of those giant drives in a museum once. I think it held 1 GB.