Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pac's Column

Reading StevieB's post about his recent office move got me thinking about my current work habitat. I'm not close to any windows which is sad at this time of year when I spend most of the daylight hours in the office. I have an inside cubicle close to the heart of the building and I share my cube space with a building support column. It's like working in a phone booth with another, somewhat smaller phone booth inside it. What? What's a phone booth? How to explain... It's like working in a TARDIS... no, bad analogy, those are actually quite roomy inside. It's like working in a shoebox, with one shoe still in it. And someone is wearing the shoe.

The center of the floor has the elevators, stairs, restrooms and a mysterious chamber with a locked door marked "Mechanical/Electrical/Phone Room". Inside this room I can only imagine lives an angry dragon or large steam engine. All day long I can feel its pulsating energy. The fluorescent tubes and suspended ceiling tiles rattle overhead. A few unluckier employees, condemned to toil even closer to the beast, can't even focus on their computer screens unless they force themselves to relax and let their eyes vibrate in sync. Kind of like Jodie Foster riding the Machine in Contact.
Click to take a virtual spin of Pac's Cube!
Hey, it's cooler than it sounds. But not much.
For even more realism, do it during a 3.0 earthquake.


  1. I think a plant would help. Maybe a nice ficus.
    Seriously, I do appreciate the windows of my tiny little office, but now we face the side of the condos. I often want to rat out people to their homeowner's association for hanging their laundry out from their balconies. I might make a sign or something.
    I suppose it's better than the view a few weeks ago: people with cell phone cameras waiting for a glimpse of a would be "jumper." (TI intern, hopefully now on the payroll.)

  2. Maybe your stress is caused by the loud carpet and drinking all that Diet Mountain Dew.....

  3. Bbbbut it's "diet"! Maybe that explains the vibrations. Is the carpet loud?