Friday, December 10, 2010

Pot Luck

For this recipe and more, visit the Gallery of Regrettable Food!
Just finished my last night shift of the year! My job responsibilities occasionally require me to work maintenance and software releases at night to minimize potential customer impact. The only problem is that I'm still expected to show up at the office the next morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. With enough coffee I can manage bright-eyed, but I don't get paid enough to do bushy-tail.

Today was the IT department's holiday pot luck. Pot luck, even the name conveys the inherent uncertainty and potential for adventure. And in my office, it was sure to be a multicultural adventure. I didn't provide a dish of my own. Not out of fear, although in this economy it's never wise to risk poisoning your coworkers. Through some oversight, the contract personnel were left off the invite list until the last minute. I suppose I could have thrown a casserole together last night. I was going to be up late anyway. Fortunately I had the perfect excuse to bail out of the event. Exhaustion.


  1. Oh, now, what's a potluck without a molded gelatin atrocity?

  2. You should have made something and then stuck your face in it to look like you fell asleep when you were done.
    Would anyone but me have gotten it?

  3. LOL! I was thinking about you the other day Julie when I was invited again to a Christmas party at the CDC. I'm always so tempted to go just to see what they'd do when I double-dip the appetizers. :-)