Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Than A Feeling

I grew up in a rural area which had an elementary school nearby. Starting with grade 8, I'd take the bus into town for the next five years to attend middle school then high school. During that time I had the same bus driver. I realize now she was family. Not old, certainly younger than I am now, Barb was considered cool. Once a year before Christmas break, she'd let us have a snowball fight on the bus.

My brothers and I would start driving to school when we got old enough, but sharing a Volkswagon Beatle with our various extracurricular activities meant having to still take the bus a lot. For the entire five years (and presumably longer) Barb always wore the same orange down vest. And she only played one 8-track tape. Over and over and over. Every day. For five years.

I'm sure kids today would be amused by the concept of a song track fading out mid-song, hearing the player click to the next track, and the song fading back on. To this day I can't listen to Boston without smiling when the track doesn't flip where it's supposed to.


  1. I'm stunned that the tape lasted that long... 8 tracks were not known for their longevity... (opps... dating myself again)

  2. I was thinking about that this mornig, wondering if she was is still driving bus. If so, I'm sure she graduated to the cassette, then the CD. Maybe those poor kids are listening to Boston in MP3. Over and over and over...

  3. I bet it isn't the same without the trade mark flip.