Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recent Erection

Our condo is on the inside corner of the building facing the "courtyard". While only the corner units have balconies, we have precious little exterior exposure. Only enough for one window and the two glass doors which slide open to the balcony. But with a south and west exposure, these windows do a remarkable job of bringing light in, even with trees in front of them. In fact in the summer, the trees help moderate the solar heating and throw peaceful dappled light indoors.

But this time of year the leaves are gone and the late afternoon sun streams directly in, creating sharp shadows and blinding reflections. Sometimes it ignites the carpeting and drapes, but that's a story for another time.

Working from home most of last week due to the "Great Four-Inch Blizzard" of 2011, I noticed a change. In the afternoon the sun would stream in, but a short time later dim again. It seems we're now in the shadow of the recently erected 1075 Peachtree building. Damn. May as well turn our pool into a duck pond. Ducks hate the sun, no? Bats then. Turn it into a bat pond.

Our new neighbors. Still mostly empty.
Where did our sun go?
Figures there'd be an app for that.

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