Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Needs Groundhogs?

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I don't think I even crossed the Mackinac Bridge into Lower Michigan until my teens, and until my twenties the furthest south I ever traveled was Chicago. My university was on the Keeweenaw peninsula which juts out into Lake Superior far enough to ensure you know the meaning of "lake effect."

You can always tell people from Michigan, when you ask them where they're from they show you on their hand. And if they're from the Upper Peninsula they'll use both hands. I lived on the left thumb.

Trust me when I say, I know winter. Which may explain why I now live in Georgia. After living here 17 years, I've become acclimated. I no longer complain about the heat, but if the temperature dips in the 50s... well, now I have a blog for that.

But I sure can't complain about our weather this weekend. With bright sunshine and temperatures flirting with 70ºF, we got a taste of Spring. There's a switch that flips the first time the winter weather gives way. At school in the U.P. this would happen when the temperature hit 40º. People would start wearing shorts and laying in the sun between melting snow banks. In the south the choice between shorts and long pants seems mostly driven by seasonal fashion. But this weekend I wore shorts.

The unseasonably warm weather drew everyone outside which contributed to the feeling that something surreal was going on. It was a communal acknowledgement that, while Winter isn't over by any means -- the forecast for next weekend calls for snow -- Spring can't be far away.

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  1. Days like this in the Winter are the best. Sadly, they don't happen very often out here on the great plains :(