Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Deal

In general I never mix business and pleasure. But I've known Jeff for years, having worked together for a former employer. Back in those heady start-up days things weren't stuffy and corporate at all. The average week would end with a keg of beer on the roof. Compared with my colleagues, I felt like the stuffy, uptight voice of maturity back then. And I remember having more will-power. I was always in control.

But things have been tense lately, at work and at home. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a "problem" or anything. Yeah, things got a little crazy a few months ago, but that's not unusual and I've always been able to reel myself back in. But I've been getting sloppy and it's affecting how I feel about myself. After this, it's cold-turkey.

As I walk into the office this morning, I feel my coat pocket for the envelope. I'm sure Jeff would have taken a check. Like I said, we go way back. It's just always been cash. I'll stop by his office this afternoon and we'll make small talk. I'll ask about his wife, he'll tell me about the kids. And when I go home tonight, I'll have the goods. One last hurrah before I reassert my self-control.

I know it's my choice. Nobody twisted my arm. But I still find myself feeling a bit of resentment toward those who would profit from the weakness of others. Then I remind myself... girl scouts are non-profit.


  1. The Thin Mints were the first to go. Half way through my Tagalongs.