Monday, February 21, 2011


I spoke these words Saturday, February 19, 2011.

My dad used to tell us he believed each person's heart had a specific number of heartbeats over his lifetime. That was his excuse for not exercising.

I learned so much from my dad as I grew up. I learned not to leave tools outside in the rain. I learned electricity is not a toy. I learned that little "check engine" light is not intended as my reminder to change the oil.

And by watching how he made sure my brothers and sister and I got everything we needed to start our independent lives, then how he took care of Mom when she got sick, I learned the meaning of devotion and sacrifice for the sake of love.

Thank you Dad. And thank all of you for being here to pay your respects.


  1. Long Time lurker. I am very sorry for your loss. Those were amazing words.

  2. That's a beautiful memorial. Nicely said.

  3. Nice blog. I just stumbled upon it and read the most recent 3-4 posts. I have to say I'm intrigued by your more recent posting about your history w/ Jeff and curious about who Joey is.

    Your posting about your father was very touching.

    I lived in ATL in the mid-90s and went back for the first time this past September (stayed at the W-Midtown). I don't mind saying your n'hood has changed so much I could not figure out which way was up. I do hope to get back down there again some time soon.