Monday, February 28, 2011

Pac's Friday

Coincidentally, I have two exes with birthdays on February 27th, both named Joe. My first Joe is still an important part of my life and an anchor of our social circle. He'd been planning for a year to spend this birthday in Munich and JB and I and several other friends have been planning to join him. It was going to be my first vacation since starting my current job two and a half years ago.

My plans changed with the recent passing of my father. Since several deliverables were postponed by my absence, I had to work on catching up. Joe understood, of course. JB started to waffle about going too, but I told him I'd feel twice as bad if we both cancelled. So my partner and a large group of my friends left for Germany on Thursday.

As the weekend came I started to feel a bit lonesome and disappointed, but then reading StevieB's Friday post put things in perspective for me. Having everyone else off doing their own things gave me a rare opportunity to spend the weekend doing whatever tickled my fancy.

After work Friday I stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies. Checking in on Foursquare I was pleasantly surprised to earn my Animal House badge. It seems the Publix by Georgia Tech is tagged "frat boys". Bonus!

Getting home with my liquor and economy size generic personal lubricant, I was a bit at a loss as to how to proceed. So I opened Scruff to send a message to my guru in this adventure.

Pac: "Now what?"

Stevie: "Pop the top off and get to rubbing. But order take-out first, you don't want to get the phone all greasy."

Pac: "Awesome." Let's save that for Plan B.

So I made myself a cocktail, gave myself a haircut and performed some general manscaping. After sweeping up the hair and applying direct pressure to stuff, I was ready to get dressed and hit the town.

My favorite bartender was working and he suggested I scruff him later if I wanted to get together after he got off work. Looks like I won't be needing Plan B after all. By eleven o'clock I was beginning to realize I should have taken a nap. And had dinner. Feeling old, I left the bar and stopped at Subway on the way home. I woke up on the couch around 8am with the television still on and my cat noisily licking the cheesesteak wrapper.

Bummer. With Plan B back on the table, I reached for my iPad to apologize to my bartender friend. That's when Scruff delivered my Saturday evening plans...


  1. The crap that falls out of Steve's mouth.

  2. ...and makes me laugh for days. :)