Friday, February 11, 2011

Rich Dad, Wealthy Barber

When tonight's earlier events had me reeling, I do what I normally do when I can't sleep. I reach for a book. A nice boring book. I had a particular book in mind, something I found in the B&N bargain bin while I was buying an expensive book about some esoteric programming language.

Where ever that expensive book is, it's obsolete. But I still have my $5 friend... somewhere on one of these shelves. It's called "Eureka!" and no, it's not about that SciFi show. It breaks down 91 of the most important ideas of mankind and explains them so even I can understand. It's like Aristotle for Dummies.

I love that book and know it's around here somewhere. As I pull books from the shelves, out drops an envelope. Odd. Inside this envelope are ten of the crispest $100 bills I've ever seen. I have to laugh. Only my JB would hide money where he would never think of looking.

I put the envelope back where I found it and made a mental note to someday remind him about his stash. I love that man.

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  1. I just realized the title doesn't make a lot of sense without the photo I originally planned to include. I found the envelope between "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "The Wealthy Barber".

    I told JB about finding his stash and he was thrilled. He'd forgotten where he put it. He's buying Valentines dinner.