Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Degrees: Happiest Moment

This post continues the week of StevieB's Five Degree themes.

This morning's breakfast
makes me happy.
I had to really think about this one. I consider myself a basically happy person, but I don't have a happiest moment ready to relate at the tip of my tongue.

There are plenty of happy memories, for sure. And I have some accomplishments and achievements I could include as happy moments. But the happiest?

I haven't had any children, which I would expect to be the obvious candidate for most people's happiest moments. But I had plenty of experience being a child. (Some would argue I still do.)

My childhood was happy overall, even considering I was a bit confused about what made me different from the other kids. Surely my parents were confused as well about their middle son. I fully realize how fortunate I am, considering. When my brothers got firetrucks and footballs, I was thrilled to get easy-bake ovens and ironing boards. I don't remember asking Santa Claus for these things... where did he get his information? Someone must have been an obvious (and domestic) little queen.

Maybe I didn't get a football, but I
remember one time throwing my toy
sewing machine with a perfect spiral.
My poor brother didn't go wide
enough and it hit him between the
eyes. Yes, he needed stitches.

Surprisingly, most of my childhood memories -- happy or sad -- aren't defined by this. I just remember normal moments...

Mom waking us up early for school on a snowy winter day to the smell of blueberry muffins and, only after digging in and getting us bundled up to go outside, telling us school had been cancelled.

Being pulled out of bed and into the back yard along with my brothers and rubbing my eyes in disbelief at the amazing curtains of light in the night sky, and listening to Dad explain the science behind the spectacle of the aurora borealis.

Staying with my grandparents in town, always a treat, then walking with grandma the two blocks to the nearby hospital where my sister had just been born. Us kids weren't allowed to go in, but Mom made sure we got to visit from the window.

Stuff like that. And those are only moments from my childhood. I had no idea at the time how further blessed I'd be in the years to come.

So, no, right now I'm not able to pin down my happiest moment. But I have a new candidate.

This one.


  1. Again, I really love your view of everything! Thanks for sharing the love... *grin*

  2. Sewing machines are NOT for throwing.

  3. Someone's never watched Project Runway.