Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Julie!

My good friend Julie posted today how she's starting Good Measure Meals, the same meal plan I'm currently using. Reading it, I was a bit surprised to learn of her fear and self-doubt when setting goals for herself. Julie's always the one who inspires me to try new things, and I watch the races and physical activities she participates in with admiration and a dull jab of inadequacy. That's why when I saw she signed up to climb one of the downtown office towers -- twice -- I decided to throw caution to the wind and sign up too. (This would be climbing the stairs, not Spiderman-ing up the outside.)

I hope you like doing the meal plan, Julie, and I think you will considering your goals. You just have to accept that you won't necessarily like every single meal. For me it's like when I was growing up, I ate what Mom cooked whether I liked it or not because -- as I was reminded repeatedly -- she was not a short-order cook.

But most meals are quite good and the quality seems improved this year. I have the 1700 calorie plan which satisfies me for the most part. I've tried lower calorie plans before and found I couldn't stand to watch television. I normally never notice how many food commercials there are. Either I was satisfied and ignored them or I let them subliminally guide me into foolish eating habits. But when your stomach is growling and you can't get through a half-hour show without being teased by burgers, pizza and tacos... you notice. I found I did a lot more reading before going to bed at 8pm.

Good luck Julie!

Oh, and thanks for ruining yogurt for me.


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  1. Thank YOU for introducing me. I have to say that week 1 went by very well, and I haven't been hungry at all (despite the jokes.) This is the piece of a puzzle that I've been trying to put together for a long time, and I owe ya.
    I'll drop off some Activia soon.