Monday, March 28, 2011

Good In-Box News

I just got an e-mail this morning confirming that my lottery entry for the 2011 Peachtree Road Race was selected and I'll be getting a race number for the July 4th 10K event.

Historically, the race registration forms came out in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in one of the Sunday editions in March. Race numbers were issued based on application postmark until the limit of 60,000 registrants was reached. Surprisingly, this happened quickly.

We'd get up early to pick up a paper, fill out the applications and drive them to a post office by the airport which would be open that Sunday for the occasion. These past few years they began offering online registration, but since it was still first-come-first-served, the servers would crash and even if you could successfully register, it could take hours.

This year they did it differently. Registration was open for 10 days with all applications submitted during that time getting an equal shot at a race number. It was a necessary and welcome change, but I wasn't sure how a lottery would affect my chances of getting a number. They started e-mailing the confirmations this morning and both JB and myself lucked out. Bonus!

I guess I need to get serious about training.


  1. I got caught up in the frenzy and signed up myself, even though I remember saying I hate that race and wouldnt do it again. I look forward to the after party in your lot.

  2. Julie: I know I say this every year, but I'm going to see if the club house is booked. We'll have it for the post-race, then later in the day for the Jumping Bean's birthday. Although it's fun just to hang out in our parking lot. :)