Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halfway Point

I've been officially doing the Lent thing for three weeks now. Not a drop of alcohol and I've been good about sticking to my diet plan. I've also been getting adventurous and adding some variety to my exercise routine.

As nature abhors a vacuum, a couple new vices have stepped up to the plate. First is my coffee. I can't imagine giving that up right now. Second is something I haven't enjoyed since I was a kid... Root Beer. Diet A&W Root Beer to be precise. When I ever get a craving for a snack and/or cocktail, I pour myself a Root Beer instead.

I've been using Lose It to track my calories in and out. (Thanks for the tip StevieB, Lose It is a great app/website!) Another nice Lose It feature is that it integrates with my Withings Wi-Fi scale. All I need to do is step on in the morning and my weight and daily calorie budget are updated in Lose It.

I'm very happy with my new scale. I was concerned at first that it was a bit extravagant and tech-gimmicky. But along with apps for the iPhone and iPad, it integrates with Lose It and also RunKeeper. It even tries to automatically recognize the various household members. But since JB has been dropping pounds faster than me, we're getting close to the same weight which makes it hard for the scale to tell us apart. So now when I weigh myself, the display shows a picture of two feet. The left foot says "PAC" and the right foot says "JB". It doesn't take a rocket scientist... but I'm not a rocket scientist and it took me a while to realize what I needed to do. I shift my weight to my left foot to tell the scale, "It's me, Pac!"

The only down-side I've noticed so far (other than having my current weight tweeted to the world before I even step off) is that you have to be careful where you keep it as it turns invisible in the dark. Twice now I've sent it skittering across the room while wondering how many toes I've broken. As it looks like it's made completely from glass, I thought it was a goner. But it's obviously built to handle more than my fat ass.


  1. "nature abhors a vacuum" so does my partner.

  2. No worries - I've been drinking enough for the both of us lately.