Monday, March 28, 2011

Inreda vs Grundtal

Note: If the title of this post led you to believe you were about to enjoy an epic tale from Norse mythology, I'll warn you right now you're about to be sadly disappointed.

I accomplished my weekend plan to pick up some under-cabinet lighting at IKEA and get it installed in the kitchen. It helped that the weather was cool and rainy all weekend, removing the usual temptation to blow off household chores.

Instead of the GRUNDTAL halogen pucks I decided to get some new INREDA strip lights. They were a bit more expensive but I like the idea of using less energy while never having to replace burnt out bulbs. LED lighting is getting better and more affordable all the time. JB didn't think they'd be bright enough but after installation, he really likes them. Eventually I'll replace the existing halogen pucks with LEDs.

Installation was easier than expected due to a fortunate gap between the cabinets which allowed me to fish the wires up to the top of the cabinets without having to drill any holes.

I also got the food scale I ordered from Woot last week for $20. I love Woot. Part of my morning routine is checking the day's sale item. On more than one occasion I've been persuaded to purchase something silly just because I found the description hilarious. I once bought an electric salad spinner for $15 because the article describing the sheer laziness of it had my coworkers and me in stitches. Ironically (or maybe not) that thing gets used in our kitchen almost every single day.

My new scale not only displays the weight, it also calculates the calories and nutritional breakdown for me. (Hmmm. There seems to be a theme to my Woot purchases.) It requires me to look up the food and enter its 4-digit code, but it seems accurate.

I know, but blue was the only color left. Notice the festive
Vegas-like sparkle imparted by the new LED light strips.


  1. You may need to start a side handyman business with all the installations and such.