Sunday, March 13, 2011


For the past several years I've observed Lent. It's not that I'm particularly religious, the only reason I'm not an atheist is because I don't want JB's family praying for me. Since becoming part of his family, I've discovered Mexi-Catholics are very different from the Midwest Catholics I grew up with. For one thing, they express their emotions. Freely. Makes me suspect there may be some sort of voodoo involved.

I find the annual exercise of reigning in my excesses to be healthy, and not just physically. Again this year I'm dieting and abstaining from alcohol. As someone who lives for the weekends, this is a substantial sacrifice.

The first weekend of Lent consisted of house cleaning, file organization and outdoor activities. One weekend down, six more weekends to go.

That's 560 calories, up and down.

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