Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I woke up this morning all giddy. My cat was sleeping on me and I felt bad I had to disturb him to get out of bed. Fortunately it wasn't my fat cat, so I still had complete use of my arm. (Although I can type with one hand if I have to.) I made a cup of coffee and sat at my trusty iMac. And drew a blank.

What do I write? I thought about what inspired me in the first place. I know, I'll check out StevieB's archives! I remember him a few months back celebrating his six-hundred-and-fifteth post. Surely number one hundred was memorialized. I counted, and counted again to make sure I counted right the first time. It was a post about getting a gym locker next to a big hairy guy and how they squealed like sorority sisters upon discovering they had matching gym bags.

I scratched my head. Surely StevieB must have realized he'd hit a magic number. I bet he was playing it cool. I scanned forward to see if his milestone even got a passing mention. Holy shit, he's been waiting for that fucking IKEA for three years? I watched a video of StevieB opening a can of corn. It was more compelling than 99% of network television and made me want to buy tupperware. StevieB waving a pork loin and chasing Fuzzy around the grocery store.

An hour later I realized I've been totally sidetracked and my abs tingled from laughing. Well, don't I feel silly. I guess I was conflating an arbitrary milestone with the journey.

So before I'm too late for work, I'd like to thank StevieB for encouraging me to start this trip. And for the renewed inspiration he didn't know he gave me this morning to have fun with it.


  1. You don't look a post over 39.... :-)

  2. what, there isn't a post counting widget? Keep it up Pac! Love your insights and humor.

  3. Happy 100! The stripper should be arriving at your office soon for the celebration. Unless I used the wrong address . . . .

  4. Yay!! Happy 100th! Here's to the next 100... or 1000....