Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

I've invented a new game and you're welcome to join in. As I browse my blogroll and leave comments, I write down the verification words I'm asked to enter. I then string them together to form a glamorous drag name. Today my drag name is:

Jewera Banglo

I like it... makes me feel like a princess.


As I was setting up my Lose It account I was asked to enter a goal. Based on the web form, all they want for a goal is a number. (Presumably my ideal weight.) The form simply won't accept "My goal is to someday flick my right love handle without having my left moob issue tsunami warnings."

What? Too soon?


I haven't been complaining about our chilly, wet weather over the last week. Mostly because I know my friends in other parts of the country would have less than zero sympathy for me. But while out on a walk during a break in the rain I noticed that -- despite our un-springlike weather -- Spring is proceeding nonetheless. The buds are bursting into green and the dogwoods are starting to blossom. Which means the annual Dogwood Festival is right around the corner.


Finally, a humble thank you to BosGuy for including me in his Men of Twitter feature this week. I'm quite flattered. I debated even mentioning it, but since I definitely don't want my family following my "naughty" profile (@pacspad) y'all are the only ones I can share this with. Do you like how I invented "Random Wednesdays" and threw this nonchalantly at the end, as if by afterthought? Subtle and smooth.

Thanks again BosGuy!



  1. Ms. Banglo,
    Ha!You said banglo.

  2. Jewera Banglo -- RuPaul needs to know about that name. Maybe she could use it on Drag U. And BosGuy certainly knows how to pick the men of Twitter.