Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

After learning that StevieB has been anxiously awaiting his local IKEA store to open for nearly three years,  I'm feeling even more compelled to tease him about it. (I'm not proud of myself for that, really I'm not.) I'm actually planning a trip to our Atlanta IKEA this weekend. (Hey, when one gives up partying for Lent, one has to find excitement where one can.)

Several months ago I replaced the fluorescent tubes in the kitchen with a futuristically stylish halogen track gizmo I found in the lighting section of IKEA. I also installed some under-cabinet lighting to replace another fluorescent fixture. It definitely looks better and more natural in the kitchen, but I find I'm needed more task lighting so I'm going back for more GRUNDTAL under-cabinet pucks.

Last Sunday in a fit of spring cleaning I went through my IKEA closet and put the winter clothes in IKEA storage boxes, filled a bag with clothes to donate and dusted everything. I also polished the silver...

See how IKEA makes organizing easy?

Only six more months, Stevie!



  1. LAWL


  2. I love your martha stewart moment with the gel c-rings! everything in it's place.

  3. The napkin ring drawer, again? What are those to the left, individual condiment packages?

  4. What an interesting assortment of napkin rings you have!

  5. Got to keep the "jewelry" organized. ;)