Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Doldrums

What's wrong with this picture?

This just ain't right. The upside is that it's supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend. (In both locations, although it looks like things get dicey for my Denver friends Sunday night.)

Plus I get a little more breathing room to prepare for pool season. There's a thought... Should I commit to posting swimsuit pics? That will definitely provide extra motivation to stay on track... or possibly get me expunged from blogrolls.


  1. Vote one for swimsuit Pac pics! And the weather here today is cold and windy with thick fog blanketing everything.

  2. Does it make you feel better that it snowed here just a couple of days ago? Spring is the season of not knowing what to wear out of the house, 70 and Tshirt can turn to snow at any time.

    If you need someone to "preview" any swimsuit pics just let me know.

    Word verification and name today: Paxly Quitin

  3. Another vote for the swimsuit pics.

    Denver tends to have much more moderate temps than people imagine it having and isn't quite as cold as folks back east think we are. You'd need a good jacket here today, too; the wind has been pretty strong.

  4. Mid to Upper 70˚s here today. And add yet another vote for the swimsuit pics.

  5. Boo hoo... I woke up to snow.

    For the record, New Englanders are friendly people if we have good weather... I'm just saying there's a reason I'm as sharp as at tack and equally prickly these days. Bah Hum Bug!

    Nice new profile pic on Twitter BTW.