Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Moon

To make matters worse,
our condo lies in an AT&T
wireless dark spot.
Otherwise I could live
without a land line.
Just after posting to the blog Friday morning, our phone and Internet when out. As several of our condo neighbors were affected, I'm sure it had something to do with the ongoing street-scaping project on 14th Street. I found what appeared to be one of the foremen (he looked the least busy) and asked if they just cut some lines. He assured me they most certainly did not. As I was leaving for work I saw an AT&T truck joined the team.

Surprisingly, service was still out when I got home Friday night. A call to AT&T let us know it would be out until Saturday afternoon. I was surprised how dependent I've become on having a constant Internet connection. My iPad was mostly useless and I couldn't rent any movies. Our digital photo frame which normally displays random photos posted by our Facebook friends was stuck on "Can't access web media!". JB was disappointed because he dropped two pounds and our wi-fi scale wasn't tweeting his achievement to the world.

Since my pledge to give up drinking for lent is still somewhat fragile, I didn't want to hang out with my friends Friday night at the bars. So I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the rare Perigee Moon. The moon and beautiful weather brought Midtown residents outside and everyone seemed happy.

On Saturday I went shopping for new running shoes. I first checked out a sporting goods store that has three levels and a rock-climbing wall. They have a decent selection of running shoes, but not enough staff to help people. So I decided to brave the mall and check out the Puma store. I'm glad I did, they were having a sale with most shoes 40 to 50% off. I bought three pair for $149.

When I got home the phone still didn't work. Calling AT&T we were told our ticket got "accidentally" closed and we should expect a repair by Wednesday. Unacceptable. I told them to have it fixed Sunday or close our account as I could have service from Comcast or Clear by Wednesday. (I even considered eating my own dog food since I work for a phone/Internet service provider. However I knew that would probably still depend on the same copper as my current AT&T connection and would take more than a week to provision.)

On Sunday a technician showed up. What a goofnut. He tried to tell me I had my DSL modem improperly connected. I unplugged everything to remove any doubt there was no phone service coming into my house. Then he started explaining how my surround-sound speakers were improperly positioned. I reminded him he was there to fix my phone. He asked for a cup of coffee. Fine, maybe it'll help him focus. When he told me he personally didn't own a computer or a cell phone, I wondered where they find these people.

Finally around noon Sunday we had phone and Internet again and my iPad was happy.


  1. LOL... sounds like he wanted to fix your cable all right... and not the one in the ground. We had our cable guy put in an extra line for the family room, but no TV in there yet. When I was on the roof the other day checking out the new roof work I discovered that the line he ran over the roof to supply the family room actually ran to the old satilite dish and that the family room line ran to a stub of a line I had cut from the 2nd story... he obviously didn't check the signal on this outlet... sigh.

  2. It turns out he wasn't the technician, but came by to sell magazine subscriptions...?

  3. A CLEAR 4G wifi hotpsot is good to have in not only this situation but when you do not want to chase Starbucks WiFi signal in addition to ATT. I carry it in my pocket everywhere.