Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Morning Pics

I forgot it was Saint Patrick's day. Since I'm usually on some sort of health kick this time of year, I haven't partaken of green beer in years. But the holiday has meaning to me because of my mom's folk-wisdom. Her theory was that Winter usually has one last gasp after March 17th, then gives up the ghost until next Winter.

Fat Cat has a shoe fetish. He prefers Pumas (naturally) but
Nikes do in a pinch. His real passion though is ladies evening
sandals, but he doesn't often get a chance to indulge.

Thursday's breakfast. It's 580 calories, but I've saved the
granola bar and fruit for snacking later.  The croissant was not
a synthetic whole-grain nonfat imitation judging from the
butter spot it left behind. Yum! It seems to work
for the French.

That's where my JB is right now, on his way back
from Brussels. I'm glad the weather will be much
better than when he left on Tuesday.
The forecast calls for sunny and 75ยบ today.

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