Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Morning Pics

I've been leading training sessions at the office all week while trying to break my bad habit of choosing to work late over meeting Eddie at the gym at 6PM. Thank God tomorrow is Friday! Here are some quick Thursday morning pics...

Yesterday I noticed the wonderful smell of wisteria
blooming in our condo's courtyard. The Spring pollen
makes a mess and causes a lot of people allergy grief,
but to me it's always a welcome sign that Winter is
officially over.

This morning's breakfast. I love french toast! The dip
is a yummy blueberry sauce. The turkey bacon is rather
chewy but I like jerky so that's okay.

I went out with Eddie to our local watering hole last night for the first time since
giving up alcohol for Lent. It was a nice time and I didn't mind drinking club
soda, but there wasn't much of a crowd. Last time I tried this shirt on it was too
tight, so I was happy and thought it was a photographic moment.
And no, I don't have a lazy eye. 


  1. Sometimes I forget how amazingly hot you are, thanks for reminding me.
    I LOVE facon!

  2. The wisteria looks beautiful. Hopefully that rain will stop long enough out here to allow the plants a moment to bloom. And congrats on the shirt fitting not-too-tight.

  3. Did you lick the blueberry sauce container clean when you were done?
    Yeah, me either.

  4. I know when I lived in the south EVERYONE loved Wisteria... and it is pretty. But the stuff smells like a chemical toilet to me.