Thursday, April 7, 2011


On Monday night a spectacular storm rolled through Georgia prompting numerous watches and warnings. I was home alone as JB had left for London earlier in the day. Shortly after the storm began the power went out. This prompted me to begin groping in the dark for candles and batteries, wondering why I never think to prepare ahead of time for such occurrences.

Once the candles were lit, I thought how much nicer it would be to not be alone. It's not that I was particularly worried or frightened, it just seemed kind of romantic. And I was horny. Maybe it was the electrical charge in the atmosphere. Maybe it was adrenaline. Maybe it was the husky synthetic voice on the weather radio droning on like Stephen Hawking. (I find intelligence sexy, don't judge.)

Fortunately my DSL and Wi-fi router are on a battery backup, so I had an hour's worth of broadband iPad porn to keep my occupied. I guess I'm not so bad at contingency planning after all.

These amazing lightning photos were taken Monday night by a photographer
in a building near mine. The Bank of America building attracted several strikes.

It's been just over three years since a tornado hit Atlanta in March 2008, passing less than
a mile from my building. The tornado can be seen on the left near the B of A building.


  1. I love storms, and would have loved keeping you "company" during.

    Oh- and you may want to check out the song "crazy as fuck" by MC Hawking

  2. Thunderstorms are amazing, love the ferocity of a really good vicious storm.

    The physics of the being horny during it is down the air to ground lightning being a positively ionised charge, and the effects associated therewith.

  3. I miss storm, it's rare in L.A.

  4. We FINALLY got a bit of a thunderstorm last night.

    It was really hot getting fucked by a cigar daddy while the lightning flashed like strobes.

    (Oops! Did I type that?)

  5. I love the weather radio voice. When I worked from home, I used to look forward to the weekly test at noon on Wednesdays.

    I've never heard of a thunderstorm making anyone horny, but it does give new meaning to thunder down under.