Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Wrapup

Well, Lent is officially over. I say "officially" because it unofficially ended a bit prematurely. The actual diet went pretty well. Overall I'm down close to ten pounds. I got excited when LoseIt awarded me my Ten Pound Club badge Saturday night. I knew I was close but it turns out my celebration was premature. Seems my cat sitter had been stepping on my WiFi scale while I was out of town for Easter weekend. Poor thing has no idea she was transmitting her weight to the world at the speed of light. (Or whatever upload speed AT&T throttles to me.) I've deleted the errant entries, but I can't unsee them. All I can say is... Damn, Girl! I'm setting you up a LoseIt account.

The giving up of the alcohol made it further than most years I've tried it. The wagon started to tip a couple weeks ago with a margarita craving that no amount of diet root beer could quench. It was a beautiful Friday happy hour and I was somehow able to rationalize joining my friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Of course, once the tequila's out of the bottle, it's so hard to get it back in. By the end of last week, the wheels came off that wagon wreck completely. But it sure was a fun weekend!

Speaking of the weekend, we left Friday morning to visit the Houston cluster of JB's family. We stayed with his sister and brother-in-law and their hospitality was amazing. JB and I were a year into our relationship when he came out to his sister. It took her nearly a year to come to terms with her brother's homosexuality and resume their relationship, but since then they've always made me feel like part of the family. Now over a decade later, their baby daughter -- JB's niece -- is a 24-year-old out and proud lesbian in a long-term relationship.

JB's sister has always been active in Texas Republican politics. So I wasn't particularly excited about the idea of spending Saturday at a mayoral campaign rally in a downtown Houston park. I had no idea the mayor of Houston is a big ol' lady 'mo. I'm so impressed with JB's family! Our family. It was an unexpectedly nice afternoon of kite flying, easter-egg hunting, free hot dogs and flirting with cute campaign volunteers.

The non-gay family members are fertile breeders. On Sunday there were so many kids running around I wondered how they manage not to lose a few here and there at each family barbecue. But it was a lot of fun experiencing Easter from their perspective.

Hey, watch it! Do you even know what
Grey Goose is? 

"Be careful sweetie. Hold on tight to
Uncle Pac's eye sockets!"


  1. Congratulations on the 10. I will not, however be silent to your gloating via text that you were at Whataburger and I wasn’t.

  2. congrats on your weight loss, you look good (on your tumblr site)

  3. 10 lbs. is 10 lbs. Good for you!