Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let 'Em Take Caduet

Last night I found my birthday cake from last weekend
in the refrigerator, still intact. This is what life has become.
I can have my cake but I can't eat it without
dangerously elevating my triglycerides. Sigh.
It took nearly a week but I finally filled my prescription yesterday and started taking my old people medicine. No, I wasn't dragging my feet, really I wasn't. After my appointment last Wednesday, I went to work then stopped at the pharmacy on the way home.

"That'll be $167."

"What the fuck???" Yes, I dropped the F-bomb at CVS.

"Your doctor prescribed Caduet. I'm afraid that's not on your formulary."

I left without my prescription. Caduet is a combination blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Not only is it convenient as it replaces two tiny pills with one tiny pill, it allows Pfizer to continue making money from two drugs which have (or soon will) lose patent protection and go generic. I found myself in the rare situation of agreeing with my insurance company. I really started wondering if I wasn't being too cynical about some sort of collusion between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

It's bad enough you're telling me I need to start taking meds I'll probably never be able to get off of for the rest of my life. Do you really expect anyone to pay $167 a month for that privilege? No wonder our health care system is so fucked up. All for a 1 or 2% decrease in the likelihood of having a heart attack.

After a week-long four-way between Doctor, Insurance Company, Pharmacist and myself; I now have two prescriptions (generic Amlodipine and Simvastatin) that'll hit my wallet for $20/month. I fully realize this is my choice. I can say no. And that's where I'm at right now. I can trust my doctor that I'd be foolishly harming myself by not taking this stuff, or I can trust my gut feeling that we're tinkering with delicate metabolic orchestrations we barely understand.

And the worst part is, any of my effort to eat right, exercise and take care of myself are now removed from the equation. My cholesterol will go down, and it'll be all thanks to the drugs. Will I be healthier?


  1. I'm surprised that I haven't had to start those meds yet. My cholesterol isn't exactly at a good level.

    You need to keep up the exercise and eating right to maintain your BosGuy's "Men of Twitter" status.

  2. You are going a good job staying healthy... and cute too

  3. This is why Walgreens is better than CVS. WAG would have called your doctor to TELL them it wasn't in the formulary and had them prescribe a med that was similar that would have been in the pararmeters.

    But I'm ok w/you dropping the f-bomb @ CVS.