Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Even though Lent is over, I'm continuing my meal plan through May. I've got one more follow-up test at the end of the month. Just to make sure my new cholesterol medicine is indeed saving my life and not, you know, the opposite.

It's been a rough couple weeks, with a big push at work coinciding with physical concerns and an uncharacteristic surge in my social life. I still don't feel like I've made up last week's sleep deficit. I know I haven't made up the last two weeks' exercise deficit. And it's clear fourty-five is happening, whether I'm ready or not.

I used to think the goal of a balanced life was a perfect, static equilibrium where all internal concerns and external demands were constantly attended. In that scenario one aspect of life cannot be allowed to interfere with another, or chaos follows. Once static equilibrium is lost, it's difficult to restore.

Now I imagine my life is a pendulum. Almost always off-center at any given instant, but with overall balance over time. A dynamic equilibrium achieved by means of mass with momentum, acceleration with restraint, forces along lines forming tangents.

At each extreme I pause and remember my center.


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  1. I had to end my two month stint, I simply couldn't take any more corn.
    This post resonates with me. I sometimes equate balance to being in a fish bowl, when some ass comes and tips the bowl a little and we all have to right ourselves by swimming a little harder.
    Looking forward to the climb Sun.