Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loose Ends

During my last visit with Dr. Bow Tie nearly a year ago, he didn't look well. He moved slowly and it looked to me as though he'd aged ten years in the one since our previous visit. He explained he'd been ill for several months and was just beginning to return to his normal routine. Like my grandmother, Dr. Bow Tie suffered a painful myopathic reaction to the cholesterol drug his doctor put him on. Fortunately, the problem was recognized and the statin was discontinued before he met the same demise. Unfortunately, the medication that was intended to protect him nearly ruined his life.

Dr. Bow Tie was now the second person I personally knew to be harmed by this stuff. Don't think this hasn't been in the back of my mind all this whole time I'm being persuaded statins are perfectly safe.

So when Dr. Dilf suggested I and seek counseling for my "statin phobia", I readily agreed.

As he continued typing away on my file I said, "Okay, sure. Tell you what... I've got my annual appointment coming up with my psychiatrist, Dr. Bow Tie. Would you mind briefing him for me?"

Dr. Dilf stopped typing. He didn't turn away from the computer, he just kind of froze.

You see, Dr. Dilf was the one who referred me to Dr. Bow Tie eight years ago. And I also happened to know he was Dr. Bow Tie's primary care physician.

I told Dr. Dilf that I appreciate that he's trying to help me. I'm definitely not anti-drug and I don't harbor wild conspiracy theories about the pharmaceutical industry. It's quite probable I could continue taking the simvistatin indefinitely with no trouble at all. But the placebo effect works both ways. As long as I have negative feelings about this pill I'm swallowing, I shouldn't be surprised if my body reacts accordingly. And as long as I'm taking it, it'll take the rap for every ache, pain, bout of irregularity and failed kidney. I don't mean to be difficult, but I'm going to need to find a different way.

It's easy to say I need to find another doctor, but Dr. Dilf doesn't seem so unreasonable compared to what's out there. JB's fat doctor told him that taking statins will allow him to eat whatever he wanted. How irresponsible is that? She thinks statins should be added to our drinking water. I'm not sure if she expects pregnant women to drink beer, or if a few birth defects are simply the price to be paid to finally get everyone on this stuff.

So when my friend Gil told me I need to find another doctor, I said, "Maybe, but... do you know how long it took to break this one?"


  1. As a doctor, he should be taking into account your hesitancy, especially since it isn't irrational. Don't let his DILFness persuade you otherwise.