Friday, June 10, 2011

Meeting BosGuy

It's been a slow week at work, which is a nice change. After getting home on Wednesday, I walked across the street to the W Hotel bar to meet BosGuy who was in town for a quick business trip. While I wasn't sure what to expect, I never imagined I wouldn't be getting back home until 2am!

When I got to the hotel lobby, I found it busy with business travelers and started to scan for familiar faces. I'd seen BosGuy's photos on Twitter and his blog, but I suddenly wasn't sure if I'd recognize him. I even started listening for Boston accents. Fortunately BosGuy found me. Tall, handsome and friendly, we took a seat at the bar in immediately fell into easy conversation.

It turns out we have a lot in common in that we're around the same age and have similar coming out stories. We were joined by another Twitter acquaintance, @AtlantaStud, who certainly lives up to his handle. Although BosGuy had spent some time in Atlanta several years ago, he'd never experienced the Midtown nightlife and after a few drinks at the hotel bar, I felt a duty to rectify that.

The three of us walked to Blake's on the Park where we were joined by my buddy, Gil. The four of us had a great time, and Gil told me the next day that he enjoyed meeting my friends but that he had trouble getting a word in edgewise. I took that as a compliment. After catching a bit of the drag show we grabbed a late bite to eat and said goodnight.

When I got home, I was amazed how quickly the night passed. And my face was sore from laughing.


  1. It was really great meeting you too. It took me a couple days to recover after our night out, followed by my day of meetings and the long flight home, but I'd do it all again.

    What a fantastic guy you are. I hope you and your partner can come to Boston some time soon so I can return the favor as host, although my fair home has a far more subdued night life.