Monday, July 4, 2011

Peachtree Road Race 2011

Since JB's birthday is on the third, the entire 4th of July holiday is usually all about the Jumping Bean. We both got Peachtree Road Race numbers this year and even though JB can't really run since his hip replacement, walking the 10K from Buckhead to Midtown would be a cakewalk for him. But the scheduling gods saw fit this year to send JB to Barcelona on his birthday, leaving me home alone with an extra coveted race number.

I wasn't very motivated this year without JB and because I hadn't been training with any discipline, and when the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was still on the fence. I sent a text message to Julie who thankfully responded within seconds and convinced her to use JB's number and join me. Maybe we convinced each other.

I'm so glad we did it! What a great time. We took the train to Lenox Mall in Buckhead then found our starting wave near the end of the pack. Wave W, which didn't hit the starting line until almost 9am. By this time it was already getting hot and we decided neither one of us were aiming for any personal bests. So our strategy was to run a mile, then walk a mile while we rehydrated.

The thing about the Peachtree if you're serious about running, you want to be seeded in the first waves. Otherwise you'll spend most of the race dodging the thousands of walkers and slower runners. It was much less frustrating today just going with the crowd while talking and laughing -- and sometimes dancing -- the entire way.

Happy Independence Day!