Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still Here

Thanks for all the concerned comments on my post about my blood pressure travails. It wasn't very thoughtful of me to post something like that and then drop off the grid for over a week. Sorry about that. I'm okay and feeling fine. Seems that's a common reaction to beginning that medication as one's body adapts to it. At least that's what New Doctor says. (I'm still working on a name for him.)

I've just been swamped with work these past few weeks as my new project ramps up. The Project Manager is driving me mad by scheduling meetings at 4am. No, the meetings aren't at 4am. That's when his insomniac ass logs into Outlook and starts rapid-firing the day's meeting invitations. He's forcing me into investing in a real alarm clock since my iPhone is no longer suitable for this purpose. I know I could turn off the alerts, but then I'd miss all those meetings. Hmmm.

Today's first meeting is a demo I've been working on for which I'm still not fully prepared. Just wanted to check in and say "thanks" and I'm not dead!


  1. Well great you made this clear, hearing dead people speaking feels always a wee bit unpleasant you know :)

  2. A common reaction to a new med? I am hoping he changed the med or the dosage. If not, it may be time to finda new physician.

  3. Glad that's all it was. But dang, you should have called for EMTs. Anything for men in uniform . . .

  4. Blogging is therapeutic and can lower the blood pressure. So do it more often, damn it!

  5. Yikes... sounds like work alone would make my blood pressure go haywire. Hope you are feeling better.