Thursday, September 8, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For, Pac

I was looking forward to Fall, but instead got a case of seasonal whiplash. I know it's just a temporary weather fluctuation and I'm sure we'll have plenty of sweltering days left before Winter. It doesn't help I've come down with a chest cold just as the air turned cool and damp. I've also been putting in some late nights at the office the dark drive home is a jarring change.

After having what seemed like most of August off, JB has been flying his ass off and is currently on a 7-day trip. As is typical, those little luxuries of bachelor life that smack of sweet freedom when I'm deprived of them lose their shine when the quiet loneliness sets in. Little things...

  • Like being able to watch the History Channel on the HD flat-screen in the living room instead of being exiled to the old standard-def plasma in the bedroom. (Every night this week I've fallen asleep on the sofa immediately after turning on the TV only to wake up and find Tivo turned the channel to record one of JB's reality programs anyway.)
  • Like being able to go out for beers after work. (Beside being slammed with work projects and getting home late, this cold has me wanting nothing more than to cocoon. Any energy I might have left at the end of the day would be better spent at the gym than the pub.)
  • Like not being pushed and pecked to pick up after myself and do little chores after a long day at "work". (As I run out of clean clothing options, as the cats stand by their empty dish judgmentally glaring at me, and as this place begins to remind me of what my bachelor hovel once looked -- and smelled -- like; I'm reminded how much JB does himself around here when he's not flying.)
  • Like being able to choose whatever tickles my fancy for dinner rather than having my menu chosen for me. (And shopped for me. And cooked for me. And ready and waiting for me when I get home from a long hard day.)

Maybe by writing this down, it'll stick in my mind when JB gets back home next week and has the rest of September off.


  1. Awww, it's no good being on your own when you're used to someone else around. I hope you feel better soon Pac, and in the meantime, at least feed the cats... ;o)

  2. enjoy the freedom, I do understand

  3. Even though I'm a confirmed bachelor, I gave up the bachelor style awhile ago. Mainly cuz it's just me who has to take care of shit