Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's not often I start a blog post with the title. In fact, I find the title is usually the last and most difficult part of any post. Usually it's half-assed because I'm done writing and I want to hit "publish" and move on. Or it's something I think is witty and appropriate at moment but later makes me wonder what I was thinking. And when I occasionally change the title after publishing, Blogger maintains a ghost of the original title in the URL. I kind of like that.

I try to look at my calendar first thing every morning. (Okay, but at least tenth thing.) I hate being surprised by alerts for an early meeting I'd forgotten about or, worse, were scheduled since the previous evening as my boss has a habit of doing. Working with off-shore teams in India, meeting opportunities tend to push the traditional boundaries of the business day.

Something caused me to do a double-take at the calendar this morning. September 22nd? Already? Wasn't it just August? What happened to Summer? What have I accomplished? What's the Guinness Book record for consecutive rhetorical questions?

It doesn't help I've been under the weather all month. Bronchitis and a sore throat finally sent me to visit my new doctor. (Still working on a name for him.) A week later and the antibiotics don't seem to be helping. I really can't wait to feel normal again.

I'm reminded of the Fall of 2003 when I returned home from Mom's funeral with a scratchy throat. By the time that particular rhinovirus finished playing my body like a pinball machine, it was 2004. What I learned from that experience was how much the mind affects the body and it's ability to protect and heal itself. I felt like I let my guard down, and paid the price for it. It's good for me to remember that.

So here is today: September 22nd. The final day of Summer. With exactly 100 days left to make the most of 2011. And with new resolve, that's exactly what I intend to do. Just as soon as I take care of one last thing I forgot to do yesterday...

Happy Birthday, Dad, I miss you.

7-year-old Pac and Sis with Dad.


  1. Just as cute as 7yo as you are now!
    The time sure has flown this summer it's not just you it seems to have passed by

  2. I'm in the same boat. With all the drum corps stff, summer was dragging and I couldn't wait for Labor day. And then "poof" it's nearly october. And I don't remember it going that quickly.

  3. Really love the photo of you with your dad and sis.