Thursday, October 13, 2011

Critical Path

Our software release schedule for 2011 was published internally over a year ago. That's why I find it inexcusable that the Project Manager overseeing the upgrade of the network configuration management system for which I'm responsible is expecting his second child at the worst possible time. Seriously, how can his wife's due date coincide exactly with the code lock-down date tomorrow? Someone obviously neglected to add an ovulation category to their Microsoft Project. And he calls himself a Project Manager.

No really, I'm happy for them. I definitely am a believer in "family comes first" and am trying to pick up the slack without complaint. And I've been moderately successful so far if you don't count all the complaining. After leaving the office at 2am this morning, I was happy to see the 9am scrum meeting was postponed to this afternoon. While sleep would be an obvious choice, I've opted to use this free time block to update my blog.

Okay, so I'm updating my iPhone to iOS 5. But while I'm waiting for that to finish, I thought I'd post.

Isn't it nice when porn brings back fond
memories of your first experience? What
I wouldn't do to go back in time and stop
myself from throwing away the original
packaging for that computer.
I was surprised the Apple home page is still dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs. Knowing how businesses usually take maximum advantage of web traffic to optimize revenue, I thought it was very cool of Apple to do that.

But after a week it's starting to feel a little awkward. Especially when yesterday's Lion update froze my MacBook for a few uncomfortable minutes, leaving me powerless to Steve's ghostly monochromatic gaze.

I got a creepy feeling during those two moments that it maybe wasn't my computer being uploaded with new instructions, maybe it was me. Wouldn't that be the Ultimate App? I began imagining Steve Jobs' final moments, strapped into one of those giant Lawnmower Man gyroscope gizmos, laughing maniacally as his essence uploaded itself to the net.

The boing of my MacBook rebooting shook me out of my B-movie daydream. Time to get back to the office. The Apple Store is on the way.

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  1. Ugh, nothing like pulling a heroically late shift and then being expected to drag yourself to a meeting at the crack of dawn the next day. At least you found out it was postponed before showing up for it. ;)