Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Knight Shift

After months of preparation, you'd expect my project deployment would go off without a hitch. Unfortunately it was far from hitchless. With the official start of the production shut-down scheduled at 11:59PM Friday night, I was looking forward to crawling into bed sometime before sunrise. In reality, it would be 2:30 Saturday afternoon before QA would finally sign off and I could go to bed.

Earlier Friday evening I made a grocery store run to stock up on supplies. Canned chili, Vitamin Water and Halloween candy. At 9PM I fired up the VPN to begin some prep work. Around 10:30PM I ran some tests and realized I'd overlooked a very important step. I'd forgotten to request our Systems Operations team to create the new directories I was going to need to install my software on the production servers.

This was a rookie mistake. I looked at the clock and frantically called the Systems Operations after-hours emergency number. How was I going to explain this? I breathed a sigh of relief when Bob answered the phone. I'd worked with Bob for several years at my previous job, back in those magical start-up days when every Friday ended around a keg of beer on the roof.

After explaining my dilemma, I asked Bob if he'd been to any chess tournaments lately. His kids are chess prodigies, or so I can only assume by the way he describes them. In the time it took for Bob to bring me up to date on his kids' latest achievements, my directories were ready with minutes to spare.

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