Monday, October 3, 2011

October Optimism

Wow, October 3rd already. I've always liked October. When I was a kid, it marked the beginning of the easy slide into the holiday season. The month was dominated by the escalating spookiness of Halloween, climaxing in an orgy of miniature candy bars and corn syrup.

As an adult, the sugar element of Halloween has been replaced by its social elements. While the anticipated party invitations never materialized last year, I think it was because I wasn't mentally prepared for Halloween. I put hardly any thought into a costume and I wasn't really in the spirit. So while I don't have any specific plans or invitations yet this season, I'm optimistically preparing nonetheless. I've already ordered a costume online which should arrive this week, and I picked up a few decorations on my last visit to Pier 1.

When buying my new washer and dryer the other day at Lowe's, I was tempted by the display of illuminated, animated inflatable yard ghoulies. JB shook me back to reality by reminding me we live in a condo. "Don't be an idiot." He's probably right.


  1. It would look good with the lights on your porch sir !

  2. Have a great October and enjoy pride later this month. Sorry I won't be down to see it first hand.