Monday, October 10, 2011

Pride Atlanta 2011

It was Gay Pride here in Atlanta, and it was a beautiful weekend for it. This is the second year since Pride was pushed back from late June and, speaking for myself, I prefer it in October. June is always so hot and wet. I know, but not the good kind of hot and wet.

The only thing worse than standing in the rain during a two-and-a-half hour parade is seeing the poor, soggy drag queens waving forlornly from drenched floats, mascara running into their ruined shoes. One year I barely escaped a flash flood when the storm drain at the intersection I was watching from got clogged with feather boas and sequins.

This weekend's weather was perfect. Unfortunately I missed out on the parade yesterday, opting to catch up on some work instead. This is do-or-die week on my project so I thought it best not start it with a post-pride hangover.

But I did make it to the Pride kick-off party Friday night at the Georgia Aquarium. That was fun.

I learned Whale Sharks aren't whales, and there's no such thing as a free brunch.

This was a convenient people-watching spot, where I could enjoy a cocktail
while watching a never-ending supply of gays stream by on conveyor belt.
Industrial cruising under the sea. (Cue steel drums.)

I was impressed that the World of Coke, adjacent to the aquarium,
got in on the spirit of the celebration.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Gil, Larry and JB at various bars with outdoor patios. There was a slight breeze that felt wonderful, and the day ended with a perfect sunset.


  1. Lovely pics. Sorry you couldn't enjoy more of the weekend.

  2. The aquarium sounds like fun. And a conveyor belt bringing the gays to you? You can pick your own like at a sushi restaurant.