Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Be Alarmed

I know it's been I while since I posted last. A combination of work demands, home improvement projects and the cold & flu season have kept me from my blog. Plus I've just been really lazy.

My plan was to get the bedroom floor completed and the heavy Eddie Bauer bedroom suite reassembled before JB returned from his trip over the weekend before Thanksgiving. Of course, the floor was only half completed and everything from the bedroom was stacked in the living room -- including my lifeless body -- when JB got back from his trip.

I'd started feeling sick during that weekend and by Monday I was out of commission on the sofa. It was Wednesday before I started to rally, and since Thursday and Friday were a work holiday, I focussed on getting the bedroom finished before JB's head exploded.

I'm very happy with the results, but it was definitely more work than I anticipated. Among the many surprises discovered when pulling up the carpeting, the most distressing had to be finding all the phone and sensor wiring for the security system. At this point I had no choice but to snip it all out. I knew this would disable the alarm system, but I didn't expect it to knock out our phone and Internet. Oops.

The good news is that I'm not only an Electrical Engineer, I also work in the telecom industry. The bad news? That means squat. Who has ten thumbs and is colorblind? You guessed it... moi. I relied on simple trial-and-error to reconnect the tiny color-coded wires until I found a dial tone. It's a miracle my router didn't burst into flames.

I have yet to total my expenses, but the new (wireless) security system more than doubled the cost of this project, including the flooring materials and all the new tools I needed to install it. JB seems pleased with the new floor but made me promise to not take on any new home improvement projects until after the holidays.


  1. Looks lovely!! Personally, I can't be without carpet. It's warmer, it deadens noise, and I have something to Hoover. or Dyson.

  2. shore is purdy. If you contract out, I might have some work for you.

  3. It looks great, and I'm impressed. The closest I've ever come to doing a home improvement project is putting shelves in our closet.