Monday, December 19, 2011

One Hot Cookie

I remember listening to the story in high school with a curious mixture of revulsion and fascination. It actually led me to believe it was a common college fraternity ritual to hold a circle-jerk around a cookie.

It turned out that in my seven years of frat life (I really liked college, okay?) the cookie legend remained just that; more illusive than Sasquatch, cafeteria food fights or panty raids that didn't end with a restraining order, sexual harassment refreshers and twenty hours of community service.

Not sure what brought this random memory to the surface.

In other news, it looks like Stevie B did some holiday baking yesterday. His mouth-watering iced lemon cookies look so scrumptious, I've been having daydreams about them.

It always starts the same: The sweet smell of wafting citrus
with a hint of,  is that... cloves? Ooo, risky! I like that. 
First a tentative lick of the icing,  followed by a tiny nibble...
From there I vary it.

Smart, hunky, sexy, funny and he can bake. That Stevie B really is the total package.


  1. This cookie recipe has been the subject of much discussion. I may need to have Stevie or you ship me a few to try.

  2. Awww, you're BOTH glorious and hot n sexy n stuff.


  3. I was convinced that the whole cookie thing was a myth-- until I went to my first orgy. And I was the cookie.